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A Bad Thought
For Modest Mouse fans
Wolf Parade! 
29th-Mar-2007 06:58 pm
this is a song i listened to for a long time, i got into these guys when i saw them at All Tomorrow's Parties Hosted by Modest Mouse and they put on a really awesome show! i loved this video a lot and talked about it in a post of mine in the modest mouse community.  but check these guys out, isaac brock produced some tracks for them on their EP and they are really good.  Although these are one of the bands that have great music with a really strange vocal style, unique but most people wont give them the chance to listen to the lyrics because of the other singer. i like this singer better though... but yeah i like the song and the video is awesome. and like i said in the modest mouse community you can sort of hear some Wolf Parade yelps (the last 30 seconds) in the song Invisible by modest mouse

the video makes the song even better, i love how the machines take over and the music completely changes

check em out :D

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